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T&D, your powertrain innovator in e-motorbikes
T&D, your powertrain innovator in e-motorbikes

A one-stop-shop for full-service development and implementation in complete drive systems.

Who and what is T&D

Perhaps you visited our About section or read something about T&D already in the press. But we wanted you to understand a little bit more about what drives T&D, and what we mean by your powertrain innovator in e-motorbikes.

T&D is the brainchild of well-known electric bicycle drive systems brand, Bafang. The same minds that have been bringing quality, e-bike components to market for 20 years, have expanded their vision into the electric motorcycle sector. To get to the heart of T&D, it helps to understand that this new brand comes from a well-established and well-equipped HQ where 1,000+ people are working hard on the business of electric drive every day.

Why e-motorbikes?

Bafang has been known for decades in the electric bike industry, so why the move into electric motorcycles? As a public company in its 20th year, Bafang continues to go from strength to strength, with an upgraded HQ with world-class manufacturing and testing facilities, and a strong global network of subsidiaries and partners. From this position, and a love of two-wheeled electric mobility, it is not a huge leap into the e-motorbike category. And it is a field where we have many avid riders already on the team! 

T&D Storm system's components work harmoniously in off-road electric motorbikes
T&D Storm system's components work harmoniously in off-road electric motorbikes

Complete powertrains

From the e-bike sector with Bafang, to the e-motorbike sector with T&D, the product is powertrains. A complete system of high-quality components are developed, tested, and harmoniously integrated with each other, to provide rapid, responsive and harmonious performance for rider and machine. T&D employs streamlined and high-quality supply chains, with many components originating in-house, where such efficiency benefits both lead times and environmental footprint.

T&D does not supply or manufacture standalone components, but has invested in the development of complete powertrains that work optimally as a whole. Product teams can skip the headaches of trial and error at the design stage, and count on the RnD and fine tuning already completed in T&D’s labs and on our test tracks. Casual readers can catch an intro to our components in our article covering what makes up a complete drive system for e-motorcycles ( And for those who want a deep dive into specs and calculations, get introduced to our e-motorcycle algorithm and try your own or demo data (

T&D’s systems are designed for five key motorcycle categories: 
•    Off-road (Storm); light and compact, with powerful performance, outstanding torque, controllable handling and rapid charging capability. 
•    Urban (Forest); featuring high-capacity batteries for a long cruising range, with low-torque, nimble handling and power-assisted brakes, ideal for urban motorcycling. 
•    Touring (Fire); designed for touring and speed, delivering longevity for uninterrupted journeys. 
•    Entertainment (Mountain); featuring impressive torque to cater to the needs of leisure and venue entertainment vehicles. 
•    Sports (Lightning); with multi-speed mode tuning, provides thunderous power-responsiveness and lightning-fast speeds, while maintaining exceptional battery life. 

Battery & controller communication for T&D's Storm powertrain
Battery & controller communication for T&D's Storm powertrain

E-motorbike one-stop-shop

Just as T&D’s powertrains are best understood as a complete product, T&D is best thought of as a real one-stop-shop for complete solutions in electric motorbike drive systems. The young brand originates in a mature manufacturing environment, with supply chains and service networks that have been well established for decades. End-to-end capability allows T&D to act fast and deliver great quality and innovation. Many of the challenges and headaches newer players might face in the industry have already been overcome, thanks to T&D’s long years of experience and access in the business of electric drive.

Some of T&D’s on-site, high-precision RnD capabilities and testing equipment

•    EMC lab for electromagnetic interference safety code testing, featuring specific EMC test equipment, electric wave dark room and shielding room.
•    Acoustic lab for motor and whole-vehicle noise testing, with a quiet room for testing of sound systems and other auxiliary equipment. 
•    Electric motorcycle dynamometer platform and suspension AC dynamometer, capable of testing drive power of 55Kw and a maximum speed measurement up to 150kph.
•    Motor calibration stand capable of testing rated power of 55Kw and rated speed of 8000rpm. 
•    Comprehensive safety tester with output voltage range 0~6KV and accuracy up to 0.5%.
•    Test cabinet for battery pack / cell charge / discharge, capable of testing battery packs with 8 channels of 100V 60A specification which can be connected in parallel, and cells of 100 points 5V 50A discharge. 
•    High-precision analyzer
•    IPX7 waterproof performance testing equipment
•    Outdoor test track

Acoustic laboratory
Acoustic laboratory
Waterproof testing
Waterproof testing

Your powertrain innovator in e-motorbikes

T&D brings together all the above design and technology expertise, driven by a real passion for the industry, to create outstanding products. But more than this, T&D was created to serve our planet via new and green solutions, and to bring you an outstanding riding experience. T&D powertrains are not generic standalone components. Complete systems have already been optimised and fine-tuned for the best performance, in specific product categories to meet distinct use cases and market demands. And T&D benefits from the global network and experience of Bafang, to ensure that customers are supported with a complete service that reflects the quality of our work.

This is what makes T&D a real one-stop-shop, and your innovator in electric motorbike powertrains. To find out more about partnering with us on your next electric motorcycle project, get in touch here.


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