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T&D are certified pioneers in the electric motorcycle sector, offering something that most manufacturers don’t - a complete powertrain.

Manufacturers tend to concentrate their efforts on one or two specific components, be it the electric motor or battery. It’s understandable. They need to do this to provide the best possible product that they can. With years of experience in research and development in the field of electric drive systems with parent company Bafang, T&D can produce all necessary powertrain components to the highest level.

Partnerships with T&D are set to flourish. In practical terms, any electric motorcycle manufacturer can approach T&D with their technical and logistical requirements, and T&D can supply the optimal system to meet their needs. So, let’s break it down and look at the five components that make up an entire powertrain one by one.

Electric motorcycle motor (L) and battery (R)
Electric motorcycle motor (L) and battery (R)

The electric motor
T&D are producing five separate electric motorcycle motors, optimized for different usage categories. The motors are developed and rigorously tested in cutting-edge laboratories, ensuring provision of the very best solution for each motorcycle variant. 
Each is a permanent magnet synchronised motor, engineered for longevity and dynamic performance. These motors provide tailormade solutions for the rider and the environment in which the motorcycle is to be used. For example, T&D’s Storm (off-road) motor is ultra-lightweight and engineered to supply outstanding climbing capacity for the dirt track. Meanwhile, T&D’s Forest (moped) motor features a three-in-one gearbox design that allows start-stop, nimble handling for city commuting.  All T&D motors have market-leading torque capacity – one of the main advantages of electric motorcycles – and each has high revolution limits.

The battery
Electric motorcycle batteries are in constant development. In the short time that electric motorcycles have been available, batteries have come a long way; lighter and smaller, with reduced charging times and increased range. One of the main concerns from traditional riders is the battery life, and T&D has listened closely to these concerns. All T&D batteries are lightweight and can be designed according to individual briefs. T&D batteries feature major protection functions, high-load capacities and outstanding charge retention times of up to six months. This is perfect for those using electric motorcycles intermittently in weather-permitting conditions, or those on the track where the motorcycles are used only sporadically.

Charger (L), controller (C) and HMI (R)
Charger (L), controller (C) and HMI (R)

The charger
Demands for quick and efficient charging and long battery life mean that the charger is required to keep pace with battery technology. Thankfully, there is some versatility in charging processes.
Not many people are aware that electric motorcycle batteries can be charged at home on a regular domestic power supply. T&D’s batteries are also removable, and this makes it far easier to charge at home or at work. 

T&D chargers are adapted to best suit the individual battery and e-motorcycle category, and designed for efficient and reliable charging performance. 

The controller
Often described as the brain of the electric powertrain, the electric motorcycle controller is of major importance to the entire set-up. The controller is the component that links all the electric parts together and then determines what should be signalled in return to them (motor, battery, display).

T&D’s controllers manage major protection functions that include over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current and brake protection. The latter is particularly important from an every-day riding perspective. If the user applies brake and throttle at the same time, the brake function will win each time.

T&D’s controllers draw on AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) software, meaning a faster and more structured data exchange between these parts, putting T&D at the forefront of international controller technological development.

T&D’s Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is an inspiration. The LCD screen shows riders information in their choice of Chinese, English, German or Spanish, and is accessed by a security code entry system. Integral information on current speed, maximum speed and average speeds are shown alongside current milage, remaining milage and accumulated milage, meaning meticulous journey planning can be made. Assist, boost level and battery information are also relayed, as are Bluetooth connection levels and error codes. Everything the rider needs, and all protected by a tempered glass covering. 

A complete solution
T&D have the expertise, capacity and service model to provide manufacturing partners in the electric motorcycle sector with a fully comprehensive solution. T&D works closely with partners to design the optimum complete drive system, with outstanding technical attention throughout the process, and exemplary after-sales support to ensure ongoing technical excellence as the product matures in the market.


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