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The electric motorcycle sector is developing at a rapid pace, with multiple brands developing products for a wide range of usage categories. One thing these brands have in common, however, is the need for suitable and reliable components to make up the motorcycle’s powertrain. Identifying the ideal set of components, that are inter-compatible, can be a real headache for engineers and product developers in the e-motorcycle industry. Fortunately, T&D have the solution: complete powertrain systems, consisting of components optimized for the needs of individual development projects.  

The T&D algorithm

A truly unique service created by T&D is a sophisticated algorithm that will calculate the characteristics of the optimal components within a complete system for teams developing and producing electric motorcycles. Thanks to the huge amount of research invested in developing T&D’s complete drive systems for the e-motorcycle sector, the team is able to offer a bespoke solution, tailored exactly to your needs. So, how does it work? 

A powerful, effective tool

Product developers can use this public, online service to input the key attributes of their electric motorcycle project, such as curb weight, tire size, type of drivetrain, maximum speed and gradeability, and so on. When this data is entered, T&D’s configurator tool will quickly generate an individual report which identifies the crucial, precisely calculated data for the project’s ideal motor, battery and other characteristics. Also generated are accurate projections for acceleration time, gradeability and range, calculated at maximum, 80% and 50% speed. 

This reliable data can then be the basis for product development teams to collaborate with T&D, confidently identifying the optimum complete set of components for your electric motorcycle’s powertrain –  motor, battery, HMI, charger and controller – which will work in tandem to deliver the results you need. 

The algorithm focuses on the design, analysis, implementation, optimization, and evaluation of your requirements. T&D aims to deliver the best possible drive system recommendations to suit your needs in the fastest way possible. Behind the algorithm’s simple-to-use interface is the expertise of teams of highly experienced engineers, who have a deep understanding of all the parameters engineers need to consider. 

Implementation of this powerful algorithm is a clear demonstration of T&D’s state-of-the-art methods to deliver meaningful results for real-world applications, in the pursuit of electric evolution. 

Try it yourself

T&D has prepared two sets of sample data for interested users to explore the algorithm platform. In order to access the page, visitors need to first enter their email address and request an access code. Return to the page to complete the info box, and then follow the boxes and guidance on-screen to generate custom output and have a report emailed to you.

Demo data ‘scooter’ relates to the Forest/LI urban series, and ‘off-road’ to the Storm/FE off-road series.

Click the links to view pdf versions of the off-road data sheet and scooter data sheet.

About T&D

T&D is a registered brand of Bafang Electric, based in Suzhou, China. Bafang has been engaged in electric drive systems for more than 20 years and has profound professional experience in R&D, manufacturing and service. With a strong global network and mature, streamlined supply chain, T&D is ideally positioned to deliver outstanding, complete powertrains for electric motorbikes. The brand has developed 5 distinct systems, to offer optimized, outstanding and harmonised performance in the Off-Road (Storm/FE series), Urban (Forest/LI series), Touring (Fire/HUO series), Entertainment (Mountain/SH series) and High-Performance (Lightning/LE series) categories.


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