We are your powertrain innovator in electric motorcycles. In the current age, with increasing environmental and societal pressures, two-wheeled vehicles are an increasingly convenient and flexible means of transportation. And electrification is the intelligent and inevitable path to a brighter and better future.

T&D is a registered brand of Bafang Electric, based in Suzhou, China, and with subsidiaries and partners around the globe. Bafang and the T&D team possess more than 20-years of profound professional experience in the R&D, manufacturing and service of electric drive systems.

The company is committed to scientific and technological research and development, the fostering of excellent talent teams, the construction of a global service system, and the insistence on innovation and required changes in the industry.


The engineers behind T&D have been in the business of electric drive for a long time, and have a genuine passion for clean, environmentally friendly technology, and for great rides! Riding an electric motorbike is a smooth and thrilling experience that more and more people will soon discover.

The brand name T&D comes from the Chinese TianDi, or Heaven and Earth. Just as ancient wisdom endures into the modern day, T&D is applying that philosophical appreciation of humanity’s place in nature into practical, mechanical solutions to take us into the new, green era.

T&D expresses its commitment to electric evolution through innovating outstanding technology from end-to-end, from efficiency and control in the supply chain, to deep and holistic product engineering, to a global and long-term product support philosophy. From the genuine needs of brands and riders, five cutting edge drive systems with individual characteristics have been developed by T&D to ensure an optimum output for each e-motorcycle type.


T&D develops complete powertrains for electric motorcycles, and is a registered brand of Bafang Electric, based in Suzhou, China. Bafang has been engaged in electric drive systems for more than 20 years and has profound professional experience in R&D, manufacturing and service. With a strong global network and mature, streamlined supply chain, T&D is ideally positioned to deliver outstanding, complete powertrains for electric motorbikes. The brand has developed 5 distinct systems, to offer optimized, outstanding and harmonised performance in the Off-Road (Storm/FE series), Urban (Forest/LI series), Touring (Fire/HUO series), Entertainment (Mountain/SH series) and High-Performance (Lightning/LE series) categories.


Storm / FE

The Storm system is designed for OFF-ROAD experiences that require high-energy and bursts of power. The system is responsive, light and compact with powerful performance and torque on demand. Controllable handling, strong playability and ease of use award capabilities over woodland, sand and jumps, through tight cornering and on downhill pursuits.

Forest / LI

The Forest system is created for URBAN scooters and mopeds that demand consistent power and navigation through the crowds. Designed for the city, the system offers comfort, control, intelligent technology and long battery life. Throttle-responsiveness, low torque, nimble handling and power-assisted brakes breeze through the concrete jungle.

Fire / HU

The Fire system is purpose-built for TOURING and speed, and delivers longevity for uninterrupted journeys. Bespoke tracking and a linear throttle output allow an easy switch between passive and aggressive modes, while an ejection start eliminates the need for an accelerating clutch dump. Get on board with perfect performance for urban or track experiences.

Mountain / SH

The Mountain system is designed for all-out leisure and venue ENTERTAINMENT. It’s a faithful workhouse for your free time. The vast torque meets requirements for boundless speed pleasure or cargo transportation, provided by long-life batteries a high-efficiency permanent magnet brushless motor drive system that refuses to surrender its power.

Lightning / LE

The Lightning system is designed for HIGH-PERFORMANCE sports and superbikes. Taking charge of thunderous power and speeds is accomplished by complex designs and continuous mode adjustments. Choosing between battery life or performance is not a concern; both are delivered and manageable on highways or urban roads.

Electric Evolution

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