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The queue at the Electric Test Ride area
The queue at the Electric Test Ride area

Test riders explore the power of T&D's off-road electric motorcycle powertrain.

The recent Motorcycle Live event in Birmingham, UK, provided a significant platform for T&D to showcase its cutting-edge technology. The event, held at the NEC from 18th to 26th November, marked a crucial moment for T&D as it was the first time its off-road Storm FE01 system was tested in public, to a diverse audience of end-users, dealers, importers, manufacturers, professional riders, journalists, and workshop staff. This occasion allowed T&D to gather valuable feedback on the performance of its powertrain, specifically with the MECR and Cheerdmoto electric motorcycles, through a comprehensive survey.

The Storm FE01 System at Motorcycle Live

E-motorcycle brands Cheerdmoto and MECR were happy to be demoing their T&D powered products at Motorcycle Live, after having already successfully brought these models to market with the FE01 powertrain. The manufacturers were able to delve into the uniqueness of this drive system during product development, using T&D’s powertrain calculator and the expert advice of its engineers.

Derived from T&D's Storm series, the FE01 system is tailored for high-energy, off-road experiences, delivering on-demand torque and explosive bursts of power. The Electric Test Ride Zone at Motorcycle Live provided an ideal setting to unveil the full potential of this technology.

Riders of the two bikes consistently praised their quality, saying:

“I was very impressed with the build of the felt really well made. The handlebars were wide enough to make you feel you were riding a bigger bike.”
“Smart looking, higher end, doesn’t feel ‘cheap’”
“Very stylish, well made”

Characterized by its compact and lightweight design, weighing only 24.34kg, the FE01 system boasts an entire drive system managed by a vehicle-grade software architecture utilizing CAN communication protocols. With a peak power of 6kW and torque exceeding 125N.m, it effortlessly conquers steep climbs with gradients of up to 60%. Achieving a speed of 50km/h in just 2.8 seconds and operating at a system efficiency of 90%, the FE01 demonstrates exceptional agility for riders. The battery capacity of 72V 30AH allows for a quick charge of 2.5 hours.

On the system itself, Motorcycle Live respondents called it:

“Nimble and fun”
“Very responsive”
“An absolute blast”

MECR and Cheerdmoto off-road electric motorbikes were available for test riding
MECR and Cheerdmoto off-road electric motorbikes were available for test riding

Experiencing Electric Evolution

The Motorcycle Live event not only marked the public debut of T&D's Storm off-road system but also served as a milestone for many attendees experiencing electric motorcycles for the first time. Out of 108 testers, 26 had their first ever motorbike experience, and for 60%, it was the first time they rode an e-motorcycle. T&D took pride in offering attendees a glimpse of its high-performance, sustainable transport technology.

T&D may have already changed a few minds on the matter of electric motorbikes, with respondents sharing:

“Well worth checking it out, it’s new it’s different and it may be for you…”
“Give it a go, it’s good fun and surprisingly responsive.”
“Absolutely brilliant and has changed my mind on electric bikes as a whole. Must try one out.”

Performance Evaluation

Upon surveying the riders about their experiences with Cheerdmoto and MECR e-motorcycles featuring T&D's Storm FE01 off-road system, the average rating was an impressive 4/5 stars. Test riders expressed their enjoyment, describing the ride as "fun and nippy," "cost-effective," and "enjoyable with plenty of torque."

T&D Component Breakdown

A detailed breakdown of the T&D powertrain package revealed consistently high ratings for its lightweight design, handling, power, controls, responsiveness, and sound/noise, with each feature earning an average of 4/5 stars, solidifying T&D's reputation as a comprehensive solution for e-motorcycle manufacturers.

Components Behind the Performance

T&D's Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motors (PMSMs) contribute to powerful and efficient performance while keeping vehicle weight to a minimum. The controller, earning the highest individual component score, showcases reliable, cutting-edge technology designed to instil confidence in electric motorcycle riders. T&D's HMIs play a crucial role in delivering convenient, intuitive data in multiple languages, enhancing the overall user experience.

A test rider tries out the MECR-X powered by the T&D FE01 powertrain
A test rider tries out the MECR-X powered by the T&D FE01 powertrain

Visitor Reception

A testament to T&D's engineering prowess was the positive response from survey respondents regarding the purchasing decision. 41% expressed a definite interest in buying, while another 41% indicated a potential consideration if the technology became available for purchase. This result is very positive for T&D as it looks forward to working with more brands and engineers at the manufacturing stage, by powering their projects with its drive systems.

The overall impression visitors took from T&D’s stand and test riding experience was right on brand:

“All the power with green credentials”
“It’s the next logical step for motorbikes”


Motorcycle Live 2023 served as a pivotal platform for T&D to exhibit its electric powertrain technology and gather valuable survey feedback from the UK audience. T&D continues its commitment to developing groundbreaking and user-friendly technology, with its aim to entice more users into enjoying the thrilling experiences electric motorcycles as a more sustainable transport solution for a healthier planet. 

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Visitors check out the Cheerdmoto powered by the T&D FE01
Visitors check out the Cheerdmoto powered by the T&D FE01

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