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Motorcycle racing is a long-established activity. MotoGP and the FIM Superbike World Championship feature sports bikes that range from 250cc (Moto3) up to 1200cc. Then there’s off-road racing (also known as dirt bike or motocross racing), huge in Europe and gaining ground further afield.

Motorcycle racing has a loyal following, and with expansion into electric-powered versions, there is an even bigger audience waiting to be impressed. The first e-motorcycle racing to make headlines was MotoE, the electric variation of the established MotoGP series. It’s a category that is gathering more and more fans, and an electrified trend that is set to continue. 

The electric off-road future 
What other type of motorcycle racing might be best suited to electric drive systems? The simple answer is off-road racing. Indeed, a dedicated racing body for electrified off-road motorbikes, the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup, was launched in 2022, with races across the globe driving great excitement from the start! 

Off-road motorcycles, otherwise known as dirt bikes, rely on instant bursts of power. The racetracks have sharp turns and gravity-defying jumps, and the rider’s right hand twists back and forth with strict regularity. Rapid and reliable acceleration is top priority when it comes to performance, and this is what makes electric drive systems so suitable. 

A bespoke drive system
T&D has perfected a complete powertrain for this type of motorcycle racing, the light and compact FE01 Storm system. 

The FE01 motor
The FE01 motor

The 8kg motor delivers instant power thanks to a striking output of up to 6kW and 125N.m of max shaft torque. This rapid response makes the motorcycle feel like an extension of the rider, important for all motorcycles, but particularly off-road when bike and rider are being thrown about – that intuitive connection between rider and their motorbike is paramount. 

The FE01 battery
The FE01 battery

The battery features 6 major protection functions and temperature sensors that keep it in shape, crucial when the bike is being pushed hard around a track. 

The FE01 controller
The FE01 controller

The controller keeps the powertrain moving thanks to highly advanced software based upon industry standard AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) and logical design defenses that include waterproof connectors, anti-static interfaces and excellent impact protection. Off-road motorcycling involves unfavorable and unpredictable terrains, so these important safety measures and advanced tech are critical for the rider to feel confident in the motorcycle’s abilities and to develop a true and direct synergy with their bike.

The FE01 HMI
The FE01 HMI

The Storm HMI feeds vital information on battery status, boost, speed and range back to the rider in Chinese, English, Spanish or German, important both on and off the track for the rider to feel in control at all times.

The FE01 charger
The FE01 charger

And then there’s the charger, a quick, efficient and reliable partner for T&D’s conveniently removable batteries. 

How do we do it?
T&D’s extensive R&D and testing facilities set us apart, with state-of-the-art laboratories and an on-site test track allowing us to develop each element of the electric drive system with rigorous assessment at every stage. With development of the entire powertrain all in one place, inter-compatibility of each component is assured, enhancing the reliability of the whole system – a major advantage for both electric motorcycle manufacturers and riders alike. 

T&D is dedicated to empowering the electric motorcycle sporting community. Whether you are already a fan of the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup, or a dirt bike enthusiast in general, watch this space for off-road electric evolution.

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If you’re one of the fast-growing teams who is interested in partnering with us to explore the off-road sector, contact us to discuss your complete drive system requirements. Together, we will make the electric future now.


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