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Electric motorcycles are easier to learn on for beginners
Electric motorcycles are easier to learn on for beginners

For a newbie there’s no better motorcycle to start on than an electric motorcycle, which is easier to learn on, handle, and maintain.

With so many options on the market, beginners may feel overwhelmed when choosing their first motorcycle. It may be time to consider an electric motorcycle. You might be wondering why electric motorcycles are ideal for beginners. Join us as we delve into why electric motorcycles are the perfect novice bike. 

Motorcycle gears are typically located at the rider's feet
Motorcycle gears are typically located at the rider's feet

No gears  

The biggest reason why electric motorcycles are ideal for beginners is that they have no gears. Gears can be tricky to grasp when first starting out, especially since motorcycle gears are typically located at the rider's feet, requiring a big learning curve for some. Electric motorcycles, however, eliminate this complication. 

For internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles, gears are required due to a wide range of operating requirements, meaning the motor needs to work its way up to ensure the correct power output. However, electric motorcycles offer a broader range of meaningful operation and immediate torque. This means the motor is ready to go immediately, providing a responsive feel. 

Removing the stress of switching between gears reduces the rider's cognitive load, allowing for more focus on the road and more enjoyment during rides. 

No clutch 

No gears also mean no clutch! You won't have to worry about stalling or burning the clutch when speeding up, slowing down, or changing gears. This simplicity enhances the riding experience, providing safety and peace of mind. 

More seasoned bikers might wonder how these differences translate on the track in practical terms. We shared some great insights from a professional in our blog “How does it feel to ride electric?” to cover those questions.

Maintenance for electric motorcycles is simpler
Maintenance for electric motorcycles is simpler

Minimal maintenance costs 

Having no gears or clutch doesn’t just mean one less thing to worry about on the road; the reduced complexity means reduced maintenance costs. Without the need for costly repairs or replacements of these parts, maintenance becomes more affordable. 

Fuel is often one of the biggest expenses for ICE motorcycles. Electric motorcycles allow you to charge your bike at home for a fraction of the cost of fuelling up. Additionally, the overall maintenance for electric motorcycles is simplified, adding to the financial appeal.   

Comfortable feel  

Electric vehicles, in general, are known for being quiet because electric motors don’t vibrate as much as ICE engines. For beginners, fewer vibrations make for a more comfortable riding experience and fewer distractions. Although electric motorcycles still offer the instant torque and feel of a motorbike, the reduced vibrations make them more beginner friendly.  

Electric motorcycles are safe  

The placement and weight of the electric components in an electric motorcycle result in a lower centre of gravity compared to ICE motorcycles. The lower centre of gravity makes the bike feel more nimble and easier to handle, providing a more comfortable riding experience for inexperienced riders and reducing the likelihood of accidents. 

Electric motorcycles are also designed with safety in mind. Battery protection mechanisms mean that riders are safe, and T&D’s batteries include various Battery Management Systems (BMS), defensive housing, and temperature sensors, ensure rider safety by preventing overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, and short circuits, to ensure riders’ safety. 


Electric motorcycles offer numerous advantages for beginners. Their simplicity in design, ease of maintenance, comfortable feel, and enhanced safety features make them an ideal choice for new riders. If you're considering your first motorcycle, an electric option might be the perfect fit for you. 


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