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Snapshot of T&D's unique algorithm configurator
Snapshot of T&D's unique algorithm configurator

Calculate electric motorcycle power with our online tool

Creating an electric motorcycle poses a significant challenge for engineers, mainly in the meticulous task of identifying compatible components. With the electric motorcycle industry evolving swiftly and numerous brands venturing into various categories, there's a pressing need to simplify this intricate process. Fortunately, T&D has created an algorithm designed to improve efficiency in this process, complemented by our meticulously designed powertrains tailored to the unique demands of individual development projects. Our aim is to streamline product development with tailored solutions and advanced calculations.

What is T&D’s algorithm? 

This year, we introduced a novel service, an advanced algorithm designed to calculate the ideal attributes of components within a complete system for teams creating and manufacturing electric motorcycles. Leveraging extensive research dedicated to crafting our complete drive systems for the e-motorcycle industry, the team can deliver a customized solution precisely crafted to match specific requirements.

How it operates 

By inputting key attributes (i.e. curb weight, tire size, gradability, etc.) for your e-motorcycle project into the configurator, product developers and engineers can swiftly generate a detailed report that identifies precise calculated data for the project's optimal motor, battery, and more, alongside accurate projections for acceleration time, gradability and range, calculated at 80-50% of maximum speed.

This data serves as the foundation for collaboration between ourselves and product development teams, aiding in confidently determining the best complete set of components for the electric motorcycle powertrain including the motor, battery, HMI, charger, and controller, to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Watch our short instructional video here:

Streamlining Drive System Recommendations

T&D aims to offer the most suitable drive system recommendations in the most efficient way possible. Utilising the expertise of a team of highly experienced engineers, the algorithm emphasises all the key parameters crucial to consider when designing an electric motorcycle, including the design, analysis, implementation, optimization, and evaluation. 

Here’s where you come in. This publicly available tool is a first of its kind in electric motorcycle powertrains. We would love to know what people in the industry, including engineers, product developers, technicians, mechanics, students and more, think.

Explore the algorithm’s capabilities with two sets of sample data we’ve prepared for users. Follow the steps below to kickstart your experience.  

1.    Click the link and enter the page.
2.    Enter your email address and an access code will be sent to your inbox.
3.    Return to the page to complete the info box.
4.    Follow the boxes on screen to generate custom output.
5.    Have the report emailed to you.
6.    Head to our feedback page and let us know what you think.

It’s that straightforward! Our demo data sheet “scooter” aligns with the LI/Forest Urban Series, while “off-road” is relevant to the FE/Storm series. You can copy and paste from the data below.  

The Future of E-Motorcycle Product Development 

The deployment of this potent algorithm underscores T&D's cutting-edge methodologies, delivering meaningful outcomes for real-world applications in advancing the electric evolution. Join us in shaping the future of electric motorcycles. 

Copy and paste data for testing:

Off-road (FE/Storm series):
Vehicle attributes 
Tire size : 70/100-19
Curb weight : 62 kg
Load weight : 75 kg
Vehicle width : 780 mm
Vehicle height : 1050 mm
Sprocket ratio : 3

Max speed : 85 km/h
Max gradeability : 35 °
Vehicle type : Off-Road
Drivetrain : Chain
Battery voltage : 72 V
Battery discharge rate : 3

Motor/Battery design values
Peak Watts : 5.5 kW Wheel torque : 330.1 N.m Wheel speed : 791 rpm Min battery capacity : 30 Ah

Scooter (LI/Forest series):
Vehicle attributes 
Tire size : 90/90-14
Curb weight : 105 kg
Load weight : 75 kg
Vehicle width : 780 mm
Vehicle height : 1025 mm
Sprocket ratio : 3

Max speed : 90 km/h
Max gradeability : 15 °
Vehicle type : Urban
Drivetrain : Belt
Battery voltage : 64 V
Battery discharge rate : 3

Motor/Battery design values
Peak Watts : 7.3 kW Wheel torque : 180.6 N.m Wheel speed : 989 rpm Min battery capacity : 44 Ah

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