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T&D has engineered powertrains for the electric era that set a precedence for the e-motorcycle sector. All the components have been developed and tested in track and laboratory settings and designated to specific motorcycle types. 

But there’s more than just advanced technology and end-to-end service on offer from T&D. We consider the bigger picture, working to ensure a smooth experience for product developers and riders alike. Interplay between all components is optimized, ensuring efficient and lightning-fast communication at all points in the system. Components have a hard and robust protective design that offers serious resistance to impact, particularly important for our off-road Storm powertrain, the FE01 system.

Let’s dive into our advantageous components in more detail:


T&D’s Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motors (PMSMs) are highly efficient thanks to numerous design innovations and developments. Firstly, they are ultra-lightweight. This is important for riders who want to keep the overall vehicle’s weight as low as possible; any savings on weight will naturally aid with range. We recognized this when we began developing electric bicycle motors over 20 years ago and have employed similar tactics for electric motorbikes. We aspire to give riders confidence when they embark on a journey, so the weight of the motor, like all our components, is crucial for logistics and fun.

Of course, power-to-weight ratios also influence acceleration times, so it’s no surprise that some of our T&D motors can propel a bike from 0-50km/h in just 2.8s. These specs also significantly affect other key factors, like climbing angles, vital for all motorcycles and perhaps most important for off-road variants. 


Batteries are considered by many as the key component for e-motorcycles. Range is a recurring hot topic, so T&D has constructed a compact design with all-aluminum housing that keeps it as lightweight as possible, increasing range capabilities. This design additionally helps to ensure reliability and efficiency. Another development in our battery technology designed to keep you on the road is the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). This includes 6 major protection functions to keep the battery operating, for example, protection against overvoltage and overcharge. We’re future-focused too; our high-power load capacity batteries have a standby period of over six months, essential when considering the slow development of charging infrastructure in some countries. 


The ability to fully charge batteries in the shortest possible time is a major requirement for all vehicles in the electric sector. With this in mind, T&D has developed electric motorcycle chargers that can be safely used on a domestic power supply, be it at home or in the office. In addition, T&D’s batteries are removable from the motorcycle, for maximum charging convenience; we are passionate about making things as easy as possible for the e-motorcycle riders’ community.

We have developed a range of chargers that provide optimum charging performance for the specific battery of the powertrain in hand. This is a key advantage thanks to T&D’s pioneering outlook, and a welcome change to the prevailing “one-size-fits-all” approach, which can lead to suboptimal charging performance.


Instant communication between the controller and the components is needed for a powertrain to function at an optimum level. T&D uses a digital signal processor (DSP), with technology based upon industry standard AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR). This gives torque estimation, bus current estimation, temperature estimation functions, precise control, and, therefore, outstanding reliability. 

That’s the structure. But there is lots more. How about multiple protection functions such as overtemperature, locked rotor, and overvoltage. There’s an active stability control (ASC) function that limits torque should the power system be out of control. A jitter suppression function ensures an improved riding experience, while the electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistance is outstanding. And then there’s the CAN bus communication. Perhaps the talking point of the entire controller; it’s a game-changer, with an isolated communication structure that enables superior external communications stability. 

In short, we have developed controllers that will deliver confidence and happiness to electric motorcycle riders and manufacturers alike. 


T&D’s human-machine interface (HMI) is an inspirational component. We know that it’s important for riders to feel a close and intuitive connection with their motorcycle and have ensured an optimized user experience with all our HMI technology. With plans to provide electric motorcycle powertrains around the globe, our LCD screen displays information to riders in their choice of English, Chinese, German, or Spanish. There’s an array of information available for the rider, like data on current and average speeds, displayed alongside current and remaining mileage, making journey planning a breeze. Bluetooth connections and error codes allow for reassurance and convenient diagnostics, while the entire component is protected by a security entry code and tempered protective glass covering.

There are no vibrations from a T&D motor, just the quiet operating sound. This makes the HMI easy to read and the journey a pleasurable experience. 

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